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Rapid 3D is a leading and high-quality 3D printing service in Chennai. We are custom tailored just for you.

We provide the best custom tailored 3D printing Services including high-performance prototypes, tooling and manufacturing aids, and end-use parts.

By applying the latest additive 3D printing technology, our staffs of highly experienced specialists are capable of meeting the most stringent demands in terms of time, cost and perfection of design. No matter whether your requirements are stringent or lenient.

3d printing in chennai

We do every 3d printing services through our hearts plan, where from the moment you send us your inquiry to a couple of days later you’ll receive your 3D model design or printed part, Rapid 3D Technologies is the Best 3D printing service in Chennai from earlier years. We have experts to meet your requirement, we also design the product to its perfection. Our team goal is to make our clients a better experience and dealing with 3D printing and modeling a great experience. Rapid 3D Technologies have professionally managed team with the great experience in 3D printing service with your affordable pricing in Chennai. We give 24×7 Support is provided to you for any queries related to your 3D printing services.

How 3D printing works?

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Uses of  Commercial 3D printing Service / Variety of applications of
3D printing

Rapid prototyping

With Rapid 3D- 3D design service, you can test a concept or process by prototyping your vision.

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Concept Modelling

In concept modelling you can tell your idea or concept to us we will make your expectation in real.

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Anatomic Models

Rapid 3D just not target on commercial usages it will also consider the medical research field.

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“3D printing turns you the topic into the reality as faster than you imagine.”

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3D Printing Service Technologies

polyjet 3d printing technique


In 3D printing – The PolyJet rapid prototyping process uses high-resolution ink-jet technology combined with UV curable materials to quickly and economically produce highly detailed and accurate physical prototypes.

SLS 3d design technique


Laser Sintering (LS) (also known as Selective Laser Sintering or SLS) uses a CO2 laser to heat and fuse the durable thermoplastic powder to build versatile parts with high elongation at break. This one of the convenient method to make 3D models.

SLA technique in 3D printing chennai


It is used to builds parts of the layer. UV laser to solidify liquid photopolymer resins. It is commonly used to produce concept models, master patterns, large prototypes, and investment casting patterns This will help during 3d designing.

Multijet fusion technique used in 3D printing company chennai

MultiJet Fusion

This technique mostly used in 3D design companies/ 3D modeling companies. Multi Jet Fusion is a durable technology which produces medium-quality surface finish, which is ideal for high-complexity with medium accuracy and can be used for short production runs.

FDM technology used in the 3d printing company chennai-Rapid 3d


In this Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) creates parts layer-by-layer with engineering-grade thermoplastics. Ideal for functional parts, including prototypes, low-volume production, manufacturing aids, jigs, and fixtures. This is one of the techniques to make the best 3D printing model.

DMLS 3d printing technique

DMLS / Metal

This technology will helpful for alloy metals. Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) fuses powdered metal and alloy materials to produce metal parts. DMLS produces fully realized metal parts, including tools and end-use parts for a variety of industries.

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Benefits of 3D printing

Using 3D printing technology there are numerous advantages to society and it makes our lives easier.

rapid 3d create your product quickly.we are best at 3d printing services

Faster Production

3D printing is quicker than conventional manufacturing. From a prototype to a final product, 3D printing tests ideas and designs quickly.


 Shapes and Geometry

As nowadays many techniques come across the universe to produce the different style of 3D models and 3D printing prototypes as user expectation.

Cost Effective

3D printing is cost effective according to size, assembly and complexity.Cost effective is one of the big benefits in the vision of clients.

Better Quality

Traditional 3D design can easily result in poor designs and poor quality prototypes. But in Rapid 3D – commercial 3D printing in Chennai and it’s been serving as the best local 3D printing service provider in Chennai offers the high-quality prototyping to his customers.

Risk-Reduction-3d design

Risk Reduction

This is the main reason for the growth of 3D printing services.3D printing technology enables product designers to verify product prototypes before starting out on substantial manufacturing investments that can sometimes be disastrous.

Easily-Accessible-3d printing models

Easily Accessible

3D printing has been around for decades and the explosion of 3D printing interests has brought easier to use.


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