Product engineering

Take your design from the digital to physical world

A design is only as good as the execution, and our team of engineers ensure products are engineered for the real world. We can provide service to process designing and developing, assembling such that it can be produced as an item for sale through some production manufacturing process.


Each project is different, and each client has different needs. From evaluation of a concept seed to full tooling release, our diverse group of experienced engineers can take nearly any type of challenge and make it a reality. We bring a wealth of experience from the different industries to each product category, and use it to make each project better. During project phases (Feasibility, Prototyping, Conversion to Manufacturing and Production support), our engineers focus on the end goal, bringing a successful product to market.



Sometimes we’re the end users of the products we design. Most of the time, we’re not. The end user is someone from a different demographic, location, age, gender, level of ability, skill set, income level, or worldview that we learn about in immersive research. It’s our job to balance all the elements that people have grown to love in products of the 21st century, while placing the individual and their needs at the center of our thinking. We love this challenge.